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  Brooms N Buckets, LLC

"We don't cut corners, We clean them"

Keeping Your Space So Fresh & So Clean - Clean !

       Deep Cleaning

  • All molding dusted or washed
  • Doors/door frames,hinges dusted or hand washed
  • Cobwebs removed (high dusting)
  • Blinds dusted window sills cleaned and hand washed
  • Furniture dusted/polished
  • Baseboards cleaned and washed
  • All glass cleaned
  • All decorative items dusted/polish
  • Clean outside ONLY of major appliances (inside/outside of microwave,toaster,toaster oven)
  • Kitchen counter-tops, fixtures, sinks and cupboards (outside) clean/disinfected
  • All trash removed, cans relined
  • Bathroom counters, fixtures, tubs scrubbed, showers,sinks, toilet,and floors cleaned and disinfected
  • Beds made (up to 1 bed)
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop

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Office C​leaning

  • Dust All molding (including Workstations Doors and Door Frames/hinges,Window sills and Baseboards
  • Clean,Sanitize, Disinfect Elevator doo​rs an​d Controls
  • Clean All Mirrored Doors and Glass
  • Break-room cleaned,sanitized and Disinfected (counter-tops,microwave oven, Coffee pots,table/chairs,sink, fixtures,etc.)
  • Bathroom Cleaned,sanitized,disinfected,(sinks, toilets,mirrored glass,light fixtures,polish chrome,etc)
  • Light switch plates, alarm pads, door bells and toilet flushers sanitized
  • All carpeted areas vacuumed
  • All floors cleaned and mopped
  •  All floors striped and waxed (bi-annually)

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   Apt/Condo Cleaning

  • All molding dusted
  • Doors, door frames, hinges dusted
  • Furniture polished or dusted
  • blinds dusted
  • Kitchen cleaned and sanitized including counter top, outside of major appliances, inside and outside of microwave oven, toaster oven and toaster. Outside of cupboards,and sink. Fixtures cleaned
  • Bathroom cleaned and sanitized including shower and tub,toilet and sink scrubbed. Fixtures clean.
  • Bedroom cleaned, all furniture dusted including decorative items.(1 sheet change)  
  • All floors vacuumed and mopped.
  • All trash removed and cans relined 

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Move In/Out Cleaning

  • Bathrooms cleaned, sanitized and disinfected (tub,toilet,sink scrubbed, mirrors
  • Baseboards,door frames,woodwork and molding dusted or hand washed 
  • All Kitchen major appliances cleaned/ hand washed inside/out including oven and cupboards
  • Window panes and window sills washed
  • Light switch plates hand washed
  • Ceiling fans dusted/hand washed 
  • Blinds dusted
  • All Carpeted areas vacuumed
  • All Floors cleaned and sanitized
  • Chrome fixtures polished

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Maintenance Cleaning 

  • All wood work dusted including baseboards,window sills,blinds and light switches. Ceiling fans
  • All wood furniture dusted or polished including decorative items
  • Bathrooms cleaned and sanitized.Tubs, showers and toilets cleaned,fixtures and all mirrors
  • Kitchen counter tops, sink outside of major appliances,inside and outside of microwave oven,cupboard facings cleaned and sanitized. Toaster and toaster oven cleaned,fixtures cleaned
  • Bedrooms dusted and lightly organized,1 bedding change (free)
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • All trash removed, cans relined  

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   Post Construction ​Cleaning

  • All Woodwork/molding dusted or  hand washed (doors,door frames,hinges and windowsills)
  • Sawdust removed
  • Baseboards and moldings dusted and hand washed
  • Ceiling fans dusted and washed
  • Light switch plates hand washed
  • Interior window panes cleaned and washed
  • All kitchen major appliances cleaned and washed inside and out including oven and cupboards
  • Counter tops cleaned,sanitized and disinfected
  • Bathroom tub,toilet,shower scrubbed cleaned
  • All chrome washed and polished
  • All floors heavy duty vacuumed and mopped

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